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The World's Fastest Scanner in Turkey !

Primagest's new product IMAGE VALUE IV20/600; 600 documents, optical 300 dpi. resolution, at the same time, it can scan in both black and white, color and foreground back in 1 minute. Purchases of the world's fastest document scanning device with non-stop function have been completed by ÖSYM and Anadolu University..15/08/2017.

IMKA Wind in Qatar !

Since 2001 our company has been operating in Turkey; as the management of professional information and documents. For this purpose; With its own internal team, the development of the necessary software to provide physical management of archives, transfer of electronic media, and management of physical and digital archives. Our company participated in the EXPO Turkey By Qatar fair held in Qatar on April 19 - 21, 2017, and has encountered intense interest in the visit.

Stefadina Comserv L.L.C.; Romania and Moldova became our Authorized dealers!

In addition to Turkey, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia we now are distributing Image Value High Speed Industrial Scanners to Romania and Moldova, we authorized Stefadina Comserv L.L.C with the Signature Ceremony that we organized at Hidiv Pavilion. 13.07.2016

Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality choice is IMKA!

Balıkesir Municipality of Metropolitan Development and Urban Development Department Archives are organized in the consultancy of our company. Physical and digital archives will be made with ARŞİVCİM Archive Automation. 15.12.2015

Boğazlıyan Municipality choice is ARŞİVCİM Archive Automation!

Yozgat Bogazliyyan District Municipality; Physical and digital archives will be made with ARŞİVCİM Archive Automation. 11.12.2015

Elazig Provincial Administration Special Archive Project Has Started!

Within the scope of the project, approximately 20.000 files have been sorted; All files and folders will be revitalized and physically edited. 1.000.000 documents will be scanned and transferred to electronic medium. The district will be an example; of a modern archival system, will be established with the difference of İMKA. 27.10.2015

Kadıköy Municipality Cataloging Project Has Begun!

Tendered by Kadıköy Municipality “LITERATURE HISTORY AND ART LIBRARY BOOKS ARE TO BE RECORDED WITH THE TECHNICAL DETAIL, BOOK CATALOGS ARE TO BE ORGANIZED AND ENTERED INTO THE AUTOMATION PROGRAM” project offer was bid by our firm. Within the scope of the project, 25.000 books were classified and technical reading was done. 28.09.2015

The 'Physical Arrangement, Scanning and Qualification of Archive Documents' tendered by İBB Real Estate Directorate was offered to our company.

Within the scope of the project; The physical arrangement of approximately 30.000 files in the archives of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Real Estate Directorate is completed and the scanning and indexing of 1,300,000 documents will be completed and delivered within 6 months. 01.09.2015

We Made the First Image Value Scanner Sale Abroad!

Installation and training services of Image Value IV20 scanner, which was sold to Libya Ministry of Education, were completed and delivered by our technical team in Libya by our dealer Wassil Communication Ltd. 13.08.2015

Visitors to Our Company from Libya!

After a visit to our company by Libya's leading firms Wassil Communication Ltd , undertook role of being our distributor of , Image Value scanners and ARŞİVCİM Archive Automation to the Middle East and Africa. 28.04.2015

Our archive automation ARŞİVCİM is in the National Library!

The newspapers and magazines belonging to the past years in the National Library archives are being transmitted electronically by ARŞİVCİM archive automation. 25.03.2015